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HyperNext Talker is a Text-to-Speech program specifically designed for people who have difficulty speaking. It has some predefined phrases covering everyday situations and can be customised so allowing new speech topics to be easily added.

HyperNext Talker Features

If you want to speak more easily then these features could help you:

  • Easy to use
  • simple interface allows real-time conversation.
  • organised as flexible scenarios.
  • easy switching between scenarios.
  • scenarios can be backed-up and shared.
  • works with many high quality voices(voices not included).
  • login feature for privacy.
  • scenarios are encrypted.
  • automatically saves on exit.
  • localisation possible with languages other than English.
  • Scenarios
  • a scenario covers one situation - perhaps phoning someone.
  • ten different scenarios and each scenario can be named.
  • a scenario has a typing area for real-time conversation.
  • a scenario has ten customisable quick-action buttons.
  • a scenario has ten preset text areas for explanations etc.
  • scenarios can be color customised.
  • fast switching between scenarios.
  • Voices
  • works with default high quality voices.
  • works with many third-party voices.
  • can quickly select voice, rate and volume.
  • Privacy
  • login function.
  • easy to change password.
  • scenarios are encrypted.
  • share scenarios set with others.
  • Registration
  • costs just $25.
  • removes reminder timer.
  • allows Export/Import.
  • works with updates.
  • registration never expires.

HyperNext Talker Requirements:

  • Windows XP to 10 or Macintosh OS X.
  • Screen size 1024x768 pixels or larger.
  • License Activation needs internet connection.


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