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Help - Backups

It crucial to back up your scenarios and customisations especially if they are ones you plan to use many times.

Also it is wise to make a backup before updating your version of HyperNext Talker to another version.


Backing Up

When you quit HyperNext Talker it automatically saves all your texts and customisations. However it is often necessary to have several versions of your scenarios or perhaps you want to give a scenario to another person.

Note, if your scenarios were password protected then that password will be needed to use them again

If you have the registered version then backing up is very easy:

To Backup or Save:

  • On the "File" menu select "Save As".
  • In the dialog box select where to save the file.
  • Choose a file name and save it.


If you have the unregistered version:

To Backup or Save:

  • Go to your 'Documents' folder and find the 'HyperNext Talker' folder:
  • Locate the file 'state.bin' and copy it to another location.


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